It is not how much you study
It is not how hard you study
It is how SMART you study

Tina Post’s Tutorial
California Bar Examination

For over 22 years, I have tutored students and taught Essay and Performance Bar Review Courses in preparation for the California Bar Exam. Whether you are a Repeater, Out-of-State Attorney or First-Timer, my approach is interactive and application driven. Every minute that I teach is about learning how to get another point on your Exam. The long-term success that I have had with students has established my reputation as a tutor who can be trusted to teach you exactly how to pass the Bar Exam.

One on One Tutorial

Essay and Performance Exam


Tina Post

Georgetown University Law Center, J.D.
University of Southern California B.A., Magna Cum Laude
Former Lecturer, Barbri, California Essay and Performance Exam
Member, State Bar of California (Inactive)

(310) 418-2686
(310) 451-2800